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Why Two Proficient® Subwoofers are Better Than One | July 20, 2021

It’s true; installing multiple subwoofers in your room will yield significantly better and smoother bass response across a wider listening area with an increase in dynamics and volume. Two or more smaller subwoofers may very well outperform a single larger unit. They could also leave more of a visual impact on the room, with multiple units blending into the décor more easily than one large woofer. So yes, while you might initially think that having an additional subwoofer would be overdoing it, the truth is two is always better than one. 

With this in mind, as the leading original manufacturer of in-wall and in-ceiling speaker solutions and backed by the power of the Sunfire® brand (inventors of the small box, high output subwoofers), Proficient® products are poised to take your audio to the next level.  

While it can be a common sentiment among home theater enthusiasts that one good subwoofer is enough to satisfy your bass needs, true audiophiles understand that you’re only getting a fraction of the sound capabilities possible with only one woofer. Adding a single woofer is about 15% effective at tuning the sound to your room’s capabilities. You’ll still hear quality sound, but not at its greatest potential. Two subs, however, can bump that effectiveness up to 90 to 100%, meaning you’ll get even more booming bass for your buck. Check out our brand new line of subwoofer here! 

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