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Utilizing Proficient Audio Systems in the Kitchen

Wade Bussey | March 9, 2021

Some say the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where family and friends congregate, delicious meals are prepared, and memories are made. With more people spending time at home, what better way to spice up the kitchen than adding Proficient® speakers to your customers’ home? There are a number of Proficient products available for kitchen applications today, including in-ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers and cabinet speakers. See how your customers can benefit from these options today!

The Best Proficient Speakers for Your Customers

Our speakers and sound systems can be used to bring life into any space, especially the kitchen. Help your customers experience clear, smooth and exceptional audio from every angle with Proficient speakers. Choose from the following speakers to use for a kitchen installation:

  • In-Ceiling Speakers: These speakers deliver the performance and aesthetics right for every room. Best used for overhead sound in high traffic kitchen areas such as over the kitchen table or island.
  • In-Wall Speakers: Also referred to as “On-Wall Speakers,” these add power and deliver better sound and dialog — perfect for all types of media! With their versatile design, you can install them horizontally or vertically, so they’ll fit anywhere in the kitchen and surrounding areas.
  • Cabinet Speakers: Mount these speakers on the front left, center and right, or rear and side of the kitchen wall for ultimate surround effects. Immerse your customers with pure sound and quality they can hear. Same as the In-Wall Speakers, these can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Quick Tips for an Easy Installation

We’ve compiled a list of tips and things to consider when installing our speakers in a kitchen application:

  1. Consider adjacent rooms or connected areas of the kitchen when placing and installing the speakers. This will help with any competing sound.
  2. Talk to your customers about the possibilities of expanding their sound system or adding zones in the future. This will help you decide whether or not to run wires to adjacent rooms simultaneously which can be a huge money saver!
  3. Many kitchens are connected to backyard access, so consider running the speaker wires and volume controls through the outside network to work with the kitchen zone complete the ultimate guest entertainment experience.

Get “proficient” in the kitchen with our speakers and create an enjoyable ambience for your customers to entertain family and guests!

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