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Test Drive the New Proficient® Speakers with These Top 5 Tunes | September 5, 2021

Ready to show your customers why a new set of Proficient® speakers is the best choice for audio quality? We’ve put together a list of reference-quality tracks that are sure to show off your customers’ new speaker set. 

Small disclaimer: Of course, everyone has their own go-to playlist when it comes to testing their speakers. So, there is no right or wrong choice for which tune(s) you want to test first. 

The sound quality of Proficient architectural speakers deliver incredible audio performance with subtle aesthetics; bringing your media room to life like no other thanks to state-of-the-art in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. We recommend you use this list as a starting point and go on to test your own favorite songs, since most of the time, you’re probably going to be listening to songs in the style of your favorites anyway. 

If you’re looking for some tracks to push your speakers to their limits, here are a few of our recommendations that run across the full audio spectrum: 


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