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ELAN UltraMatrix | October 1, 2015

We are shipping the gMV64, gMV88, gMV1616 and HDRE, and getting great reviews from dealers already installing the new UltraMatrix controllers.

The UltraMatrix line solves the problems of combining distributed audio and HDMI sources with one easy-to-configure chassis. Until now, centralized distribution of audio and HDMI video sources throughout the house has been an exercise in adaptors, mismatched parts and complex programming. UltraMatrix is a game changing product that will simplify your installations and allow you to provide more of what every project needs—options. ELAN’s UltraMatrix switchers simplify the task of getting uncompromised UHD 4K and multichannel audio in a distributed AV system.

The UltraMatrix is rich with features; like the Audio Return Path – allowing integrators to return analog or digital multichannel audio from any local source to the system’s head end without engaging CEC, or the ability to deliver 2K resolutions at 60fps and 4:4:4 color sampling. The ELAN UltraMatrix is the only MRAV product on the market that holistically addresses 4K systems as they are today. And, ELAN is committed to providing a 4K solution as the infrastructure technology catches up to the capability of 4K content.




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