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ELAN Intercom Wins Best of Show at CEDIA Expo | October 19, 2015

This year, Residential Systems/Twice Magazine honored the newly launched ELAN Intercom with a Best of Show award at the 2015CEDIA Expo. ELAN Intercom won for its standout performance in whole home control. With two-way video, full duplex audio, and awesome away-from-home features, it created a lot of buzz at the show and was a definite showcase in the Core Brands booth.

The new ELAN Intercom provides doorbell, paging and true full duplex point-to-point intercom functions that integrate seamlessly with ELAN interfaces and controlled multi-room media systems. Unlike hardware-based intercom systems, the ELAN Intercom supports unlimited zones. ELAN Intercom can share speakers with a multi-room audio system, 3rd party door stations, and work with any ELAN dedicated in-wall touch panels or mobile device running the ELAN Mobile app. ELAN allows integrators to link multiple ELAN systems, even if they are not on the same network.

With ELAN Intercom, users can make point-to-point intercom calls to any interface across any linked system. For intercom zones that share the same network, users can press the Page button, and begin speaking to all intercom zones on the network, as Core Brands Control Product Manager Robert Ridenour highlights in this video interview from the show floor.






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