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Creating The Ultimate Outdoor Oasis | March 12, 2021
It’s that time of year where the sun is shining, and people are starting to enjoy the beautiful, warm weather. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many parks and beaches still under various restrictions, people have turned their backyards into their new outdoor getaway. With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to utilize that outdoor space and turn your customers’ backyard into an audio oasis! Let’s dive into some quick tips on how to get started using Proficient® audio systems with our in-house expert and National Account Manager, Wade Bussey.

Q: What are the specific requirements for transforming your outdoor space?

Bussey: It’s necessary to have existing electronics or add new electronics to allow for streaming services, such as Spotify® and Pandora®, for your Proficient speakers. You should advise homeowners to add at least two outdoor music areas for even sound across their backyard space. Our speakers are best used 8 to 10 feet apart and 6 to 8 feet near the listeners. This is great to keep in mind when it comes to the installation process and ensuring proper social distancing precautions are taken.

Q: Which Proficient outdoor speakers do you suggest in order to create a high-quality backyard audio space?

Bussey: All of them! The Proficient® AW, AW TT and Rock series outdoor speakers are the most popular. We provide a single point stereo speaker application designed to save space, materials and labor time with each install, while providing full stereo sound in any location of a homeowner’s choice.

Q: Is there any technology available for easier control of outdoor speakers? For example, if users want to adjust the volume or change the song, is there a way to do so remotely?

Bussey: Controlling your music has traditionally been a manual process. However, with new products, such as the ELAN® home automation system, handheld remotes, and mobile apps, one can easily control their speakers by connecting an amplifier or receiver to the speakers. The speakers can then be connected through Bluetooth where a homeowner can stream their favorite music and control their sound with ease.

The Right Sound for You

Finding the right speaker is easy, just ask yourself the following questions. Want them to blend into your customers’ garden beds? The Proficient® R800 Rock Speakers could be for you. Looking for something that can be hidden and discrete? You got it —  Cabinet Speakers to the rescue.

We strive to provide the best sound quality mixed with aesthetic designs for the best outdoor experience. We believe all spaces can be transformed, so Proficient audio systems are a sure way to bring any outdoor space to life!




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