Source Keypads & Docks

The Source is the ultimate media control center. Its 64,000-color LCD display provides two-way information from the M6 or M4 multiroom controllers, including station data from the M6's tuners, artist/album/song/genre metadata from The Source Dock iPod dock, and source selection. From this one powerful keypad, you can summon all sorts of entertainment options.

Multimedia meets multiroom

The Source keypad takes you way beyond conventional multiroom audio. You can use it to browse the music on an iPod (docked in The Source Dock iPod dock), flip through radio stations on the M6's dual AM/FM tuners, and see which source is selected. A clickwheel lets you find any tune on your iPod in seconds.

Seven buttons on The Source can be configured however you want, and programmed to control source devices connected to an M4 or M6. Each keypad has an IR sensor, so you can use the remotes from your source devices. The Source is available in white or black, and comes with white, black and bone wall plates.


• Designed specifically for Proficient M4 & M6 • Volume Control Knob w/Back-Lit Level Indicator
• High-Res, 64K Color (16 Bit) LCD Display
• 7 Back-Lit, Configurable ‘Hard Keys’
• Menu, Source Component & Metadata Display
• Built-In IR Receiver
• Fully Retrofit Compatible with PMKIR Installations
• Fits Most Dual Gang Electrical Boxes
• Easy Navigation Scroll Wheel
• Includes White bezel