Proficient Wireless Subwoofer Kit – International

Proficient Wireless Audio Kit Optimizes Bass Experience


Bass is meant to be felt and drive the audio experience to new levels. Where you place a subwoofer has a huge impact on sound quality, but sometimes you can’t get a cable to the optimal subwoofer location. With the Proficient wireless audio subwoofer kit, you can place the sub in a location that achieves the best possible sound for the room.

Simply connect the transmitter at your A/V source and the receiver to your subwoofer and you’re ready for plug-and-play bass. All you need is a power source for the sub and you unlock the freedom to strategically place the subwoofer in its optimal location. Each transmitter supports up to four receivers for use with multiple subwoofers.

Get more bass from any space!


  • Wireless Connectivity Ð Transmit audio from the source to the sub with a range of 30ft.
  • Multiple receivers Ð Each transmitter can support up to 4 receivers. Individual receivers are available separately.
  • Interference Free – 5Ghz FHSS Technology for a robust wireless connection
  • Designated Mount – Our Subwoofers have a mounting solution built-in to support the wireless receiver
  • USB Powered Ð Plug the receiver directly into the Subwoofer’s USB port for power



Modulation$$ 5 GHz Frequency Hopping; QPSK (DSSS) digital radio
Operating Frequency $$5 .150-5 .250 GHz, 5 .725-5 .875 GHz
Transmission Power$$ 9 dBm
Frequency Response$$ 10 Hz – 900 Hz
Channel Width $$<22 MHz
Latency $$<20 ms
Range $$30ft / 10m Max Indoor Use Only
S/N Ratio $$84dB
Max input Signal$$ 1 .84V
Dimensions Transmitter $$1 .4 in x 3 .9 in x 3 .5 in (36 .8mm x 98 .6mm x 88mm)
Dimensions Receiver $$1 .4 in x 2 .7 in x 3 .5 in (34 .3mm x 68 .4mm x 88mm)