In-Ceiling Small Aperture Subwoofer with 8.27″ Cone, Dual Voice Coil and 4.75″ Opening

The PAS-C854-SUB small aperture in-ceiling subwoofer delivers best in class deep bass performance through a small, finished opening to meet the aesthetic needs of the modern home.



The PAS-C854-SUB Small Aperture In-Ceiling Subwoofer delivers best-in-class, deep bass performance through a small, finished opening to meet the aesthetic needs of the modern home. Designed to hide the woofer cabinet between ceiling joists and port the low-frequency sound through a small, 4.75” opening in the ceiling. It features a custom 8.27” polypropylene woofer, dual 1 1⁄2” voice coils, precision tuned port tube and a vinyl wrapped MDF cabinet, mounted to a single joist.


  • 8.27”CustomPolypropyleneCone
    The cone size is maximized based on the cabinet proportions to deliver exceptional performance
  • Dual Voice Coil
    Easily integrate into existing stereo wiring, or use included shorting bars to impedance match amplifiers when installing multiple subwoofers
  • Analog Filtering Circuits
    Massive 10 MH Inductor for each voice coil, 1st-order filter, and CR circuit to suppress tube
    modes—filters out unwanted midrange and high frequencies to optimize woofer performance and reduce resonances, resulting in deep clear bass
  • 4.75” Cut-out Size
    Use a standard hole saw for a quick install into a broad range of materials
  • Simple Mounting
    Mount cabinet to a single joist. Integrated absorption pads reduce kinetic transmission through the joist


Specifications Values
Woofer Size 8.27”
Woofer Configuration 4th Order Bandpass
Woofer Material Polypropylene
Hole Cutout Dimensions 4.75”
Power Handling (Watts) 50 – Minimum / 100 – Maximum
Frequency Range 20Hz~300Hz
Impedance Dual 8Ω Voice Coil
Low-Pass Filtration Built-In 10mH Filter Per Voice Coil
Optimize Bass, Removes High Frequencies
Sensitivity 71 dB
Weight 14.1 lb
Depth Behind Wall 7.125”
Dimensions Cabinet with Port Tube:
25.188” Length, 12” Width, 7.125” Depth
Finished Grille Dimensions: 5.25”
Shipping Dimensions 12” x 36” x 15” (302 x 907 x 874 mm)
Shipping Weight 34.4 lbs