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Whether it’s a dedicated home theater or a small family media room, audio is an essential part of the media experience, elevating the story, excitement and emotion. With in-ceiling, in-wall and cabinet loudspeaker solutions, Proficient lets you experience the full impact of movies, sports, games and TV shows.


In-Ceiling Cinema Speakers

Mount these speakers right above your video screen. The drivers are angled to direct the sound to your favorite couch or chair. Use them for left, center, right and surround channels in systems of all sizes. With thin-bezel magnetic grilles, they blend easily into any ceiling.



In-Wall and LCR

These speakers mount vertically or horizontally between standard 16″-on-center studs, and they’re designed to sound great either way for left, center, right and rear channels. Thin-Bezel Grilles are held in place by Neo Magnets.


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Nothing makes as big an improvement in an audio system as adding a subwoofer. Only a good subwoofer can convey the impacts of movie sound effects, the groove of a great bassist and the power of a big kick drum.


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Cabinet Loudspeakers

We took a hard look at the way homeowners want loudspeakers to look and play in their homes. The result is a complete line of speakers built to sound great in any system in any home—and to look really good in any room.


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