M4 & M6 Accessories

Command Interface Kit

Contains everything you need to connect and program an M4 or M6 from your laptop. Includes the following components:

• (1) Command Interface • (1) USB to DB9 adapter cable
• (1) 6' DB9 to Quad 3.5mm Plug Transfer Cable • (1) Power Supply

Control Module

This Proficient Control Module is specifically programmed to interface Proficient M4 or M6 and Third- Party Control Platforms. The RS232 Data I/O connects directly to the Third-Party Control Hardware, and the Expansion Port connects to M4 or M6 via CAT5 cable.

• Communication Interface for M4 & M6 • Connects via Cat5 to M4 or M6 Expansion Port
• Expansion Port RS232 Buffer for External Control • RS232 9-Pin Male Data I/O

RJA-1.1 Adapter

For use when RJ-45 terminated connection is preferred to bare wire connection to Proficient Master Keypads. Connects data, power and IR signals between the keypad and the M4 or M6.

• Package Contains 6 Adapters