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­”The MaxTV MT2 is an ex­pert when it comes to im­pres­sive sound in a tiny pack­age. We loved some of the de­sign touch­es, like the mag­net­ic re­mov­able speak­er grills”

MaxTV™ High-Performance TV Speaker
The phrase “sound bar” has a mixed rep­u­ta­tion. But it’s not a dirty word or a slur- in fact, though the cat­e­go­ry might not seem sexy, it’s im­proved re­mark­ably over the past few years. Though still con­strained by the laws of physics- boom­ing sound usu­al­ly re­quires big­ger space- new ma­te­ri­als and tech­nolo­gies con­tin­ue to al­low im­prove­ments. Just like your head­phones and ear­buds have got­ten bet­ter and less ex­pen­sive, so have sound bars, all-in-one so­lu­tions that make home the­ater-qual­i­ty sound sim­ple and easy.

The Pro­fi­cient MaxTV MT2 is the lat­est and great­est mod­el from an au­dio com­pa­ny that spe­cial­izes in some pret­ty high-end au­dio­phile-grade equip­ment. This cab­i­net com­bines two sub­woofers, two tweet­ers and four mid-ranges in a pack­age that is, re­mark­ably, on­ly four inch­es high. Wide enough to ac­co­ma­date most tele­vi­sions with­out look­ing too over­whelm­ing or be­ing dwarfed, it’s per­fect for mod­ern flat pan­el TVs. Many folks buy a nice tele­vi­sion and re­ly on the built-in speak­ers, which al­ways sound ane­mic. The dif­fer­ence is amaz­ing, and well worth the price- we def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend sav­ing a bit of mon­ey or opt­ing for a small­er screen- and putting some of the sav­ings to­wards the au­dio. Your ears will thank you.

Set­up is sim­ple, since pret­ty much any TV has a few out­put op­tions, and the MaxTV MT2 ac­cepts ei­ther dig­i­tal or ana­log con­nec­tions. We placed it un­der our Sam­sung 40-inch LCD and test­ed it with a va­ri­ety of sources, in­clud­ing Blu-Ray movies via a PS3, re­cent games like Dis­hon­ored, and tele­vi­sion as well. We used op­ti­cal con­nec­tions, but RCA and coax are al­so avail­able. The re­mote is small and cred­it-card sized, and there aren’t a lot of ex­tra­ne­ous op­tions- but you can ad­just tre­ble and bass set­tings as well as turn the sim­u­lat­ed sur­round on or off. We gen­er­al­ly left it on- it helps boost the mids with­out any no­tice­able dis­tor­tion- but on some mu­sic we turned it off for a more nat­u­ral, warmer tone. There aren’t any oth­er modes- we didn’t miss them though.

If you don’t have room for mul­ti­ple speak­ers, or don’t want to snake ca­bles around and wor­ry about place­ment, sound bars are def­i­nite­ly the way to go. Ex­plo­sions sound im­pres­sive- we were blown away while watch­ing the 007 flick Quan­tum of So­lace, and were al­so sat­is­fied with DTS and Dol­by sound tests like those on Pixar films such as Rata­touille that we use to check out the sound­stage. We had to sit a bit back from the unit to get the full ef­fect- close up and you won’t feel the sur­round; gamers es­pe­cial­ly might miss the pin­point ac­cu­ra­cy that comes with a true 5.1 sys­tem. But in a larg­er room, the unit has enough pow­er to fill it and make plen­ty of beau­ti­ful noise, 80 watts in to­tal.

More than Pro­fi­cient, the MaxTV MT2 is an ex­pert when it comes to im­pres­sive sound in a tiny pack­age. We loved some of the de­sign touch­es, like the mag­net­ic re­mov­able speak­er grills. And the in­clu­sion of Blue­tooth is a pret­ty great ad­di­tion- you can con­nect your smart­phone, lap­top, or tablet and play Pan­do­ra or your mu­sic col­lec­tion from your mo­bile de­vice, wire­less­ly. As with most new­er Blue­tooth sys­tems, pair­ing takes on­ly a mo­ment, and range is de­cent- but your re­sults will def­i­nite­ly de­pend a bit on mu­sic bi­trates; Spo­ti­fy stream­ing sound­ed pret­ty flat and life­less. At $600 and avail­able now, pri­mar­i­ly on­line, we wouldn’t buy it sim­ply for that ca­pa­bil­i­ty but it’s a tasty cher­ry on the top of the best sound bar we’ve seen. Save your­self some A/V has­sles this hol­i­day sea­son, and get a small, slick unit that is per­fect for the bed­room or apart­ment.

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