Proficient ONE IR Kit Launches at CEDIA Show 2014

Mounting Options in One Box Provides Installing Dealers Lots of Flexibility at Time of Installation

Proficient ONE IR Kit

Proficient Audio today announced what may be the most versatile, compact and discreet IR receiver kit ever offered: Proficient ONE, which will be on display at the Core Brands CEDIA Booth #350. The principal feature is it that it has several multiple mounting options. One of the main options is for use with slim-bezel flat-panel TVs. Because the sensor is so much smaller than previous designs, it’s an ideal solution for any room with a flat-panel TV.

Proficient ONE includes all the hardware needed for surface, flat-panel TV, flush-mount and tabletop mounting. The sensor simply snaps into the different mounts. Because all hardware for all mounting options is included, the dealer does not need to stock multiple IR kit SKUs, and the installer does not need to carry multiple types of IR kits in the field.

The Proficient ONE IR Kit contains two dual-head IR emitters, a mono mini to mini cable for direct connect and an IR router to control up to five components. This new IR Kit can easily be expanded to control additional components or expand to multi-room.

IR kits like the Proficient ONE are essential for creating custom-installed A/V systems, because they allow the installer to hide most of the equipment in a cabinet or closet. The IR sensor picks up commands from a remote control and then relays them to equipment that’s hidden out of sight. The A/V equipment works as if it were right in front of the user, but only the IR sensor is visible.

“Proficient ONE gives installers everything they could want in one IR Kit,” Core Brands’ Keith Marshall said. “The tiny sensor is designed to blend in beautifully with flat-panel TVs and the newest TVs that barely have any bezel at all. The modular design allows the installer to decide what type of mount to use on-site, so they don’t have to worry about packing the right kind of IR kit for the job. And with the dual-head emitter cables, Proficient ONE is usually all you need even for very large home theater and multi-room audio/video jobs.”

Proficient ONE is available now at a MAP of $299.

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