Proficient Signature Series™ Dual-Woofer Cabinet Monitor

Flagship GL6 Cabinet Loudspeaker Designed for Two-Channel and High-End Cinema Systems

Proficient, best known for serious dedication to unsurpassed sonic quality, today introduced the Proficient Signature Series GL6 cabinet loudspeaker, a one-of-a-kind statement of power and performance designed for two-channel and larger home theater jobs.

The GL6 is the flagship of Proficient’s lineup of loudspeakers. The principal design is dual 6-1/2 inch woofers and a one-inch tweeter, housed in a cabinet with a luxurious 7-layer high-gloss piano black finish.

““We really owe our acoustics engineers for this one. Both are committed, career loudspeaker devotees who came up through the ranks in recording studios and tour sound. They took an aggressive set of performance criteria and turned it into a truly formidable loudspeaker. Their efforts are obvious and the results are outstanding. The GL6 loudspeaker will sit at the very top of our brand,” said Keith Marshall, President of Proficient.

The GL6 uses dual Injected Molded Graphite woofers in every cabinet. These provide a focused vertical output and wide horizontal dispersion pattern. The result is higher output and lower distortion over a single woofer system. Simply put, the woofers don’t work as hard and create less distortion, resulting in much cleaner and more detailed sound. The woofers produce solid, deep bass with a very natural, yet detailed, mid‐range. To enhance bass performance, the GL6 uses a bass‐reflex design with dual flared‐end port tubes. These tune the enclosure and minimize both air turbulence and port compression, providing maximum bass performance at roll‐off.

For high frequency reproduction, the GL6 uses a 1‐inch voice coil diameter silk dome tweeter. Silk is a great material for tweeters since it is lightweight and holds its shape, but remains flexible enough to produce high frequencies with good bandwidth and sensitivity. By nature of its dome shape, it provides excellent off‐axis response, working well in the Woofer – Tweeter – Woofer configuration. A second order crossover topology is used in the GL6 to provide optimum summing at the crossover frequency and protection to the high‐frequency driver components.

“Proficient has really taken to using Injected Molded Graphite woofers and silk dome tweeters over the last few years. This combination sounds awesome and they have become our drivers of choice,” Marshall said.

Aesthetics accompany high performance in the GL6 system loudspeaker. The enclosure has an environmentally friendly, seven-layer, high‐gloss black finish. The coating helps to acoustically seal and dampen the enclosure. An easy-to-remove treated wood frame cloth grille with Neo magnets completes the contemporary aesthetic of the GL6 system.

“The GL6 is a superb match to all of the high-end 7.1 receivers and high-current 2-channel amps on the market today. We’ve also been playing the GL6’s with our new Proficient ZEROTM wireless 35W x 2 digital receiver and they sound awesome, the GL6 just won’t fold up,” Marshall noted. “We’re getting stunning results because the Texas Instruments EquibitTM chipset which pushes digital sound reproduction to the highest level of fidelity available today. The GL6 sounds incredible when coupled with the new Proficient Zero new digital receiver.”

“Our dealers will now have a top-notch, drop-dead gorgeous product in the Proficient Signature Series GL6, a loudspeaker that will more than satisfy any of the demanding situations that they encounter.

The GL6 has an MSRP of $750 each. It is backed by a 10-year full warranty and begins shipping in Q3 2012.

About Proficient Audio
Proficient is a leading brand in the dealer-installed home audio market, with single-brand system solutions and an extensive line of speakers for whole-house, home theater and outdoor audio systems. Proficient also offers receivers, amplifiers, multi-room audio controllers, control keypads and an extensive selection of accessories — everything needed to build high-quality home sound systems.

Proficient Audio is a division of SpeakerCraft LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nortek, Inc. Since its founding in 2001, Proficient Audio has delivered top-notch product and industry-leading service. It is now known as one of the residential custom install industry’s most innovative brands. For more information, go to or write to us at Proficient Audio, 940 Columbia Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507. Our toll-free phone number is (877) 888-9004 and we can be faxed at (951) 750-6304.

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