Proficient Audio Debuts New Line of Architectural Subwoofers

Three New High Performance Subs Plus Mono Amp/Crossover

Architectural Subwoofers
With the release of three new subwoofer models designed for in-wall or in-ceiling mounting, Proficient Audio is making it easier to get powerful bass without sacrificing any floor space.

The new models are the $625 IWS82 in-wall sub, the $500 IWS100 in-wall sub and the $375 ICS10 in-ceiling subwoofer. All are designed for use with Proficient’s $500 M3 180-watt subwoofer amplifier/crossover.

Proficient Audio president Keith Marshall notes, “For years, our IWS10 in-wall subwoofer has been popular with homeowners who want high-powered, high-quality bass but don’t have room for a large subwoofer. So we decided to expand the category. These new subs will give homeowners more options, and make it easier to install two or even four subwoofers for those who want true state-of-the-art bass.

“By designing these architectural subs for use with the M3 amplifier, we made them just as easy to install as our other in-wall and in-ceiling speakers,” Marshall adds. “There’s no need to run AC power to the subwoofers, so you don’t have to call in an electrician. Just run the wire back to the equipment rack, same as you would with any other in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, and connect it to the M3.”

The IWS82 is Proficient’s top-of-the-line architectural subwoofer. The dual 8” sub employs long-excursion graphite woofers with a power handling capacity of 200 watts. The system has a frequency response range of 30 to 120 Hz. The IWS82’s compact design makes it easy retrofit into existing homes.

The IWS100 in-wall subwoofer features an inverted motor design—the magnet is inside the speaker cone instead of behind it. This design allows the big, 10” long-excursion treated paper cone woofer to fit into a standard wall space. Frequency response is rated at 36 to 150 Hz. The IWS100 is tuned to the optional BB-IWS10 MDF back box for use in new construction.

The ICS10 in-ceiling subwoofer is certainly one of the least conspicuous subwoofers available. It mounts entirely in the ceiling, so it doesn’t affect wall décor or furniture. It uses a 10” long-excursion graphite cone with a ferrite magnet motor. Capable of handling up to 175 watts, the ICS10 has a frequency response of 30 to 120 Hz. With an installed depth of 6½”, the ICS10 easily fits any ceiling cavity.

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