Proficient Audio Debuts MaxTV™ High-Performance TV Speaker

“Proficient Audio launches MaxTV MT2 speaker box, soundbars start job hunt” Engadget

MaxTV™ High-Performance TV Speaker
According to Proficient’s Loren Maldoon, “It’s rare to find a TV with good sound. And I’ve never heard one with great sound. It’s no wonder. The limited space available inside a TV cabinet has been a barrier to good on-board TV sound for years. Now with today’s flat panels, it would be difficult for TV designers to even consider great sound in a TV as a goal. The only real way to get high quality TV sound today is with an outboard solution. But, for many situations a full-blown home theater sound system isn’t practical. A lot of soundbars just don’t begin to make it to the level we would consider acceptable. So, we approached the challenge from a whole new direction. We asked, what if we designed a sound system that was a platform for the display? The answer was Proficient MaxTV. Our first TV Speaker, the MT2 is perfect for people who want great sound but don’t want to fill their room with speakers and electronics.”

“In creating Proficient MaxTV, our design and engineering team set up performance goals, focusing on voice intelligibility, dynamic range and tonal accuracy. This is important for movies and TV, and, is also essential for music listeners. Given this approach, the MT2 really sounds great with music program material too,” continued Maldoon. In addition, there is a selectable DSP to enhance the sound field.

MaxTV includes Bluetooth so end-users can stream music from their smartphones, tablets or computers. They can even up the experience of watching video or playing games on those devices by streaming the audio to the MT2.”

The Proficient MaxTV contains four 2½” midranges and two 1″ soft dome tweeters, front-mounted in a stereo Mid-Tweeter-Mid configuration. The left and right speaker systems are in their own internal enclosures. The powerful low end is produced by two 5¼” down-firing subwoofers, each in their own tuned and vented internal enclosures.

MaxTV uses four 20 Watt (RMS) digital amplifiers. The four amps are run in a 2 channel bi-amplified configuration. The two 5 ¼” low frequency drivers are each direct coupled to their own 20 Watt amp. The remaining two 20 Watt amps each drive the left and right front firing drivers. An on-board limiter protects the woofer’s driver being over-powered and maintains clean and undistorted sound, at any output level.

The Proficient MT2 TV Speaker works with TVs mounted on stands or wall mounted. Used as a TV platform, the MT2 can support up to 160 pounds.

The Big Red Button Demo Kit
Proficient believes that once someone hears the difference MaxTV makes, they will buy it. Given this, Proficient will have “The Big Red Button” a 4″ x 4″ button that will let dealers compare the TV sound system and then MaxTV. Proficient dealers should contact their local Proficient rep for details.

Proficient MaxTV is shipping now with an MSRP of $599.

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